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This homepage should serve as my permanent personal web presence for the indefinite future. As such, I plan to be moving most of my existing web content here over the next short period of time. As the web is now a largely visual medium, I'll be concentrating on my photography interests.

There are a couple of large projects that I plan to be updating more over the next couple of months, perhaps I can finally turn this into a completed section of the web, although currently it's mostly just a collection of photographs with a few comments and headings scattered through.

Gledden Tour:

The Gledden tour was run until 1999 out of the University of Western Australia Engineering Faculty. This trip gathered sponsorship to send twenty Engineering students from the various disciplines somewhere in the world, ostensibly to look at engineering facilities and achievement, for three weeks. At the end of 1998, I spent those three weeks travelling around China and Japan, with a fairly significant number of photographic results.

The photographs and descriptions were mostly done from a documentary point of view where each of the students on the tour had to contribute to a report describing everything and everywhere the tour saw or went. I have also put together a slimmer version that concentrates on the photographically interesting areas and photographs.

Small Photo Exhibits:

I'm slowly putting together a larger and more comprehensive photography section, but while it's coming, I've got a few stand-along pages together that may be of general interest. It would even be nice to put together regional collections

Music and Audio

My newest electronics and gear-intensive pursuit is electronic music, specifically synthesis. I'm starting to put together a few mini pages to do with audio and MIDI.


Several pieces of current and historic software that I've written for various tasks appear on these pages. Some of them are under active development or have ongoing utility/interest.

Currently online software pages include:

Abstract games

I've developed an interesting in abstract strategy games. There are a whole world of different ones out there, and I'm starting to collect my notes and reviews on them on my new site:

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